Natural Childbirth: It's Always About Function

Unfortunately today, the allopathic medical community views pregnancy as a "medical condition" rather than the unbelievably miraculous and natural process that it truly is.  It has long  been known that the body will not subject itself to anything that it cannot handle on its own.  A woman's body is designed to birth her baby.  Although problems can occur during the process of giving birth they are not always due to physical issues of the mom.  Modern technology, hospital protocols, fear based beliefs and the time constrants of practitioners statistically flood the research regarding injuries to the infants and mothers.  Chiropractic allows the body to optimally function, creating space for the baby to maneuver itself into the best possible birth position to be born naturally. 

The goal of the chiropractor is to ensure the proper alignment and function of the spine and pelvis.  When the spine and pelvis are properly aligned and functioning naturally during pregnancy, the internal structures grow and expand in the proper manner allowing the baby to develop and be as comfortable as possible.  Chiropractic is a very important part of natural childbirth, that is often overlooked.

Proper nervous system function is also crucial to the development of the baby and essential to the well-being and comfort of an expecting mother.  The nervous system is also directly related to the emotional well-being and stress responses the mother may experience due to motherhood.  The effects of chiropractic care during pregnancy are ever-expanding and extend far beyond treating pain.  It can also help a new mother better adapt to the new stresses coming into her life.