What to Expect

A few things you need to do before your first visit.

Chiropractic is so much more than the treatment of back and neck pain.  We strive to take on a holistic, or whole body, approach to your care.  Holistic treatments encompass the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual and lifestyle values when considering one's health and wellness.  Chiropractic is just one piece of this puzzle.  Chiropractic adjustments address subluxtions within the vertebral spinal column.  These subluxations create an inflammatory response that interferes with the impulses that the nervous system relays to the brain and interrupts homeostasis or the balance in the body.  Once the nervous system is accessed with an adjustment and the interference is removed,  function can be optimized and the body will start to address the other components of this holistic approach.  However you body cannot do it all on its own, a very important aspect of this type of care is the focus on education and the responsibility for taking personal efforts to achieve your ultimate balance and well being.
You can expect your first visit to include a thorough history and exam.  If the doctor finds it necessary to refer you out for imaging they will do so.  Otherwise, your care will start that same day after the doctor explains what they found to be the cause or reason for your visit.  On average your first visit will last between 30-45 minutes.

It is very important to remember that healing is a process, and as with any process it takes time.  Certain things must happen in a certain order for you body to be able to heal itself and restore proper balance.  Much like building a house, a solid sturdy foundation is needed before any framework can be laid, this holds true for the body's physical structure as well.  There are three phases of this healing process and they are described as follows....

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Phase I
Relief Care
Phase II
Corrective Care
Phase III
Wellness Care
As we have previously covered, many people seek chiropractic care because of pain.  In this first phase, the main goal is to reduce your symptoms or any inflammation that you are experiencing. However, once your pain is gone does not mean that you are healed.  Pain is just a symptom of a larger underlying issue, and is often one of the last symptoms to appear.  Conversely, once you begin chiropractic care, pain will be the first symptom to subside even though underlying issues will still remain.  A care plan during this phase will sometimes require visits 2-3 times/week for a couple of weeks until our desired outcome is met.
Relief care is the easy part, and if care is discontinued after phase I the chance of re-occurrence is very high.  If is very important to continue care in the absence of symptoms to prevent this from happening.  During phase II we will start to make some changes to balance out your body to correct your issue for some lasting effect.  Each individual is different, but generally visits will not be needed as frequently as they were during phase I.  Also during the corrective phase, you will need to take some responsibility for your care as well.  Some stretches, exercises and ergonomic changes will be given to help accelerate your healing process.  Some flare-ups are to be expected and are not uncommon, your body is still healing during this time.  Every body is different and the same goes with how quickly the body will recover and heal.  This phase can last anywhere from a month or two to a year or more.  
Once your body has fully healed, it is also important to maintain that health.  Phase III is sometimes called maintenance care, but what's the fun in maintaining your health?  Isn't it better to be constantly striving to achieve better for yourself?  We refer to it as wellness.  During this phase, other aspects that might have been put aside or not looked at now might seem a little more important.  Whether it be nutritional, emotional stressors, or even some social issues that have been bothering you for a while but were unaddressed.  All of these things need to be addressed in order to optimize your health.  By making chiropractic part of you and your family's lifestyle, many common issues that so many suffer through can be avoided.  Once the wellness phase is reached a visit every few weeks or even monthly is a common reccomendation.